National Atlas of Ukraine


Becoming Ukraine as an independent European state requires the development of its information environment, in the structure of which national atlases occupy a special place.

Such atlases remain invariable attributes of the statehood of many states in the world.

The most significant result of fundamental geographical research by the Institute of Geography is the publication of the National Atlas of Ukraine in 2007.

National Atlas of Ukraine - the first cartographic work of the encyclopedic level created in the history of the state - developed in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine (from August 1, 2001) and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 26, 2003 “On approving the program of preparation and publication of the National Atlas of Ukraine” by the scientists and specialists of institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Academy of Agrarian Sciences, etc., leading higher educational institutions of the state, individual ministries, state and public organizations.

In the Atlas, various aspects of the country's natural resource, demographic and economic potential are consistently and interconnected, based on a modern data bank, the replenishment of which will stimulate further development of fundamental knowledge about Ukraine.

The national atlas is an important component of the country's general geoinformation system. It will be useful in the activities of the legislature and the executive in substantiating and defining strategies for the implementation of socio-economic development programs, in planning and carrying out project, research, education and patriotic education of citizens.

The atlas is designed according to a system of fundamental scientific principles and approaches. The main ones are:

  • fundamentality;
  • comprehensiveness and systematicity;
  • structured information and variety of levels of its generalization;
  • variety of levels of mapping.
  • NAU Thematic Blocks

The six thematic blocks of Atlas maps have been developed according to the methodological and methodological principles proposed by the Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, making the atlas a unified work comparable to national atlases of other countries of the world.

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