Appeal of the Institute of Geography of Ukrainian NAS staff to colleagues in Ukraine and abroad, as well as to all people of good will

       Ukraine is historically linked with many nations and ethnic groups. Since the collapse of the USSR and the Independence Declaration each of them has had opportunities to preserve the national culture, language and traditions. That's why all of us side by side were fighting against the criminal Yanukovych regime. Victory, which was paid by high price of human lives, opened the way to a peaceful democratic development, prosperity and wellbeing of its residents.
       However, despite the international obligations assumed by Russia, the current Russian government launched an open aggression against Ukraine accompanied by provocations, widescale cynical campaign of lies in the media.
       Irresponsible Putin’s policy threatens the lives of representatives of all nations in Ukraine, peace in Europe and in the world!
       Geography is a special science, special profession. Being a geographer means to communicate, to experience the uniqueness of each region of the world, to appreciate the natural and cultural diversity, to unite all who live on planet Earth, regardless of race, language, social status. Exactly these values we have always tried to implement in our state policy and everyday life.
       Therefore, we urge all to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, to stop the incitement of ethnic enmity and the Kremlin aggressor, who has lost the sense of reality.
       We appeal to the geographical community requesting and calling for actions to promote mutual understanding and cultural dialogue in Ukraine and abroad.
       Especially we rely on Russian colleagues whom we have long-standing experience in joint research and friendship with. They are representatives of science and education from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Barnaul as well as other cities.
       Let's stop the filthy propaganda together! We all seek for happiness and peace to our citizens and countries!

                                             Adopted at the staff meeting March 4, 2014