The focus of geographers is on the development of united territorial communities


On June 19-20, 2019, seminars on the issues of integration of environmental requirements into the system of territorial planning in Ukraine were organized by the Institute of Geography of the NAS of Ukraine, the Berlin Technical University, the Planning Bureau "JACOBY RAUM-UND UMWELTPLANUNG", the Ukrainian State Research Institute "Dipromisto" named after Yu.M. Belokonya, LLC "UKRNDPITSIVILBUD" within the framework of the project of consultative assistance of the Federal Ministry of Nature Conservation of Germany for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as other neighboring EU countries.

The meeting of June 19, 2019 was opened by Academician of the NAS of Ukraine L.G. Rudenko. Participants, architects, scientists and community representatives welcomed the Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources V.Yu. Poluyko, Deputy Academician, Secretary of the Department of Earth Sciences, Corr. NAS of Ukraine Kendzera, Deputy Director of the Department of Urban Planning, Architecture, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Cherkasy Regional State Administration Dmitrenko, Director of the Department of Eco-Network and Nature Reserve Fund V.V. Claude. From the Federal Environmental Protection Agency of Germany (UBA), the congratulations were made by Professor of the Berlin Technical University S.Hieland.

There were reports:

  • Balanced Development Goals 2030 and Strategy for their Implementation in Ukraine (Academician of NAS of Ukraine LG Rudenko, Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine)
  • Urban Planning Documentation and Changes to the Legislative Framework (II Shpilevsky. Ukrainian State Research Institute for Urban Design “YIP Bilokon”)
  • Goals of Aichi: Perception in Ukraine (Candidate of Engineering Sciences Ivanenko, Institute of Geography, NAS of Ukraine)
  • Visualization of strategies of development of regions and communities by means of GIS (Dr. VA Peresadko, VN Karazin Kharkiv National University)
  • Local development in Ukraine: the experience of Stepanets OGG (OI Yaremenko, chairman of Stepanets OGG)
  • Spatial planning at the community level. The Example of Germany (Prof. S. H. Highland, A. May, Berlin Technical University)
  • Territorial, Landscape Planning and Strategic Environmental Assessment: Effectiveness of Association for OTG (Academician of NAS of Ukraine LG Rudenko, PhD EO Marunyak, Ph.D. SA Lisovsky, OG Golubtsov, Candidate of Science, VM Chekhnii, Candidate of Sciences, Yu. M. Farion, Institute of Geography, NAS of Ukraine)
  • The principles of territorial plans of OTG and the ways of their implementation in Stepanetsk OTG were updated (Ph.D. Yu.M. Palekh, Ph.D. GV Ailikova, Ph.D. MV Mirkal Ukrainian State Research Institute of City Design "YIP Bilokon" (DIPROMISTO))
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment: Finding Alternatives in the Community Planning Process (Prof. K. Jacobi, Jacoby Raum- und Umweltplanung Planning Bureau)
  • Development, harmonization and use of town planning documentation at the level of ATG (OP Chizhevsky, Ph.D. TV Khristop, LLC "UKRNPITSIVILBUD")

In the discussion, the participants noted the urgency of the problems of territorial development planning, features of the planning process at the level of the united territorial communities, as well as the need to overcome legislative, personnel and financial gaps in this area. The importance of European innovation and exchange of experience and the introduction of the basics of environmentally-oriented planning in educational programs were also emphasized.

On June 20, 2019, a working meeting of German consultants was held with the working group of the project, where materials were discussed on planning the territory of the model region, Stepanetsk OTG.