The stay of scientists from China at the Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine


Traditionally, they have used various researchers who have visited researchers at the Institutes of the NAS of Ukraine.

On May 23, 2019, a meeting with scientists of Shandong Science and Technology University (PRC) took place at the Institute of Geography of the NAS of Ukraine. The university was represented by: Yan Fanlin - Director of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography of CNTU, Lu Xushan - Director of the Institute of Ocean Engineering of CNTU and Chen Shaoze - Assistant Director of the Institute of Mining and Safety of CNTU.

Shandong Science and Technology University, founded in 1951, is a multidisciplinary university that provides comprehensive training in engineering, management, humanities, law, economics and education. About 16,000 students are educated in 16 academic colleges and 9 departments within the university.

During the meeting at the Institute of Geography, considerable attention was paid to the issues of the contemporary role of natural-geographical, socio-geographical and cartographic studies in the life of modern society. The importance of using the potential of modern GIS technologies to ensure a high level of such research is emphasized. Employees of the Institute of Geography presented the work of their institution, focusing on integrative, comprehensive research, which involves experts from different fields of knowledge. The National Atlas of Ukraine is a prime example of such works, performed jointly with specialists of many institutes of the NAS of Ukraine on the basis of the adopted special state program of works. It was he (paper and electronic versions) that was presented to Chinese specialists. Specific developments concerning web mapping of acute problems of the present were also presented.

Specialists from China paid particular attention to the feasibility of cooperation between institutions, not only in solving important scientific tasks, but also in the exchange of graduate students, doctoral students and students, publishing scientific studies in both China and Ukraine.

Participants of the meeting from the Ukrainian side were: Honorary Director, Advisor to the Directorate of the Academic Institute. NASU LG Rudenko, Acting Scientific Secretary of the Institute, Candidate of Engineering Sciences VM Czech Republic, Ph.D. A.I. Bochkovska, Ph.D., Ph.D. K.A. Waterman, Ph.D., Ph.D. V.S. Chabanyuk.